Developer: Krinest Based in France
Release date: 2024
Platforms: Steam
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Survivor of a post-apocalyptic world, the dead have returned to life to make you regret still being among the living (extremely original). Moreover, their hearing has evolved, and every sound they perceive makes them stronger. A small piece of advice: I think you should stay discreet!

You start your adventure in your base with a primary weapon. Your goal is to reach a specific point on the map to retrieve medicines. Once the products are in your possession, things will get more complicated one way or another, but you must bring the remedies home at all costs.

To help you, you can look for melee weapons or firearms, if they don't frighten you. These weapons will be useful to reach your goal, but especially to come back safe and sound. These weapons may tend to make a lot of noise and attract undesirables. Use them wisely.

The sounds emitted in the world increase a gauge that impacts your enemies. When this gauge reaches certain thresholds, the enemies strengthen and become increasingly challenging to kill. The mission is simple: you must accomplish your goal while avoiding making too much noise.

Your enemies will tend to attack you in groups, so it would be advisable to plan for contingencies!


No More Noise is a game developed by a single person, Krinest (Kris), a developer based in France who has enjoyed creating things for several years. Entering the world of computer development by crafting Minecraft plugins at the age of 16, I've always relished challenging myself. This simple game concept was brought to light in 2017 through YouTube videos. The idea lingered in my mind, and four years later, I decided to embark on the adventure again. In almost three long years, I created my first video game project.


  • Fast and intense gameplay sessions.
  • A variety of weapons of all kinds.
  • Survive in an anxiety-inducing environment.
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish.


No More Noise - Teaser Youtube